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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Bob - Leg 5

Another frantic day with various e mails and calls to do with Ama Dablam this November, Everest next Spring and bookings for the B&B this summer. Then off to swimming lessons with Grace before popping over to Portinscale to pick up Donald and Kate to support Leg 5 of the BGR.

Drove up to Honister and waited for Chris Scammell who was up on a 20 hour pace. Now for those who aren't in the know it's difficult enough to complete the round in 24 hours let alone shaving 10 or 15% off.

Met a couple of other guys at Honister who'd been seconded in and we got everything ready for Chris' arrival. He looked remarkably chipper considering.

Then the guys who'd just done leg 4 thought that they may as well stay on and so there were 7 of us pegging it up on to Dalehead, over to Hindscarth, across to Robinson and then down off Robinson, through Littletown and back to Keswick. It was a fantastic evening with no need for headtorches until crossing the river. Chris kept up an amazing pace and completed the round in 19hrs 39mins. Even made it to the pub in time for last orders - Hurrah!

Just received a text from him this morning and he can't move!

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