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Friday, 26 November 2010

Recent Ama Dablam post

Just back to Kathmandu after a very successful trip to Ama Dablam. Unfortuntaley I wasn't able to keep the Blog updated so I am copying the posts retrospectively.

28th Oct

Free drinks in 1st class may be fantastic, but the train's a little rocky round the corners and I've managed to spill mine all over my trousers. I can now look forward to travelling for the next 19 hours smelling like a well known cheap brand of coffee granules. Hmmm, NICE!

29th Oct

They have stopped giving frequent flyers an extra 10kg baggage allowance. Aaaarrrgghh! Beat a hasty retreat and repacked. Looked rather strange going through security wearing 3 pairs of trousers, 2 pairs of insoles and 3 wicky tops under my shirt. Nearly passed out.

Managed to convince the Xray staff that the reason I had 72 muesli bars in my laptop case is that I get hungry really quickly. Carry on bag now weighs about 18kg. Trying my best to look nonchalant.

30th Oct

Arrived in Kathmandu! Yip yip. Not sure which I need 1st - a proper shave, a bed or a beer. I guess I'll go to Sam's Bar to mull it over.

Kathmandu - it's bonkers out here. Busiest ever but great to be back. A chap asked if I wanted a shoeshine. I'm wearing sandals. What's he going to do, buff my toenails?

31st Oct

Got our Ama Dablam permit in only 30 mins. This has to be some kind of record.

1st Nov

Got 20 mins free and having my first Mocha since Thurs. Flying to Lukla 06.15 tomorrow!

2nd Nov

Arrived Lukla at 06.55 after the smoothest check in EVER. Met a few friends along the trail - it's good to be back.

3rd Nov

Arrived Namche 11.30 for lunch. Met more friends on the way. Looking forward to seeing Tashi at Kyanjuma. After a coffee & chocolate doughnut at Everest Bakery.

4th Nov

Ama Dablam STOP PRESS. Apparently AC have bolted The Yellow Tower. WTF?

5th Nov

Just arrived at Tengboche monastery. Sat outside at the bakery enjoying coffee & choc doughnuts in the sun before we mooch on to Pangboche.

10th Nov

Slept at ABC last night. Went to Camp 1 with Ian this a.m. & I'm now back in BC eating Jelly Belly jelly beans. They're tasty! I can't see them lasting long.

11th Nov

Bad news - my wet wipes have frozen solid. No more washing for me!

12th Nov

Ama Dablam news - Ian Wade summited at 09.11. He and Jabbu Sherpa made it to the summit in an incredible 4hrs 40mins from Camp 2. They'll be back in BC for tea!

My mistake - Ian made it to the summit of Ama Dablam in 4hrs 25!!! He & Jabbu are now back at Base Camp. A 12hr 20mins round trip Camp 2 - summit - BC.

15th Nov

Ama Dablam - Sean, Paul, Claire, Lucy & Adam going for their 4 day summit bid today. Another team head off 2moro. All camps established & every1 in fine fettle.

Ama Dablam - Sean & Co @ Camp 1 tonight. Michael, Frank, Ian, Phil & Kate heading up there 2moro. Remainder following the day after. Busy busy.

17th Nov

Ama Dablam - 3 folk heading for Camp 2.9, 5 heading for C2, 5 heading for C1 and 2 heading for ABC. Busy busy. Everyone well. Summit news to follow as and when.

18th Nov

Ama Dablam 2 on the way to the summit, 5 on the way to Camp 2.9 & 8 at Camp 1. Hoping for summit news in the next 5 to 6 hours.

Sean summited at 15.20. Should be back at Camp 2.9 imminently. Tomorrow 3 going for the summit tomorrow with Jabbu Sherpa & 6 folk heading to C2 with Lakpa.

19th Nov

Ama Dablam update - Phil summited 13.35 with Frank, Ian & Jabbu following at 14.45. Descending to Camp 2.9 tonight and Base Camp tomorrow. Well done guys!

20th Nov

Shaw & Andy @ C2.9 with Dave & Lakpa expected there imminently - hope 2 summit 2moro. Paul & Toby at ABC on their 5 day summit bid. Remainder heading down to BC.

21st Nov

Shaw, Andy & Lakpa summited at 13.45. Well done guys. Paul & Toby heading to Camp 2 tomorrow.

23rd Nov

Left Base Camp this morning & now at Tashi's eating cheese toasties, drinking Coke and waiting for a hot shower. Bliss.

25th Nov

Paul Lewis summited Ama Dablam yesterday and now it's a wrap. 9 (plus 4 Sherpas) climbed Ama & 7 plus 2 climbed Island Peak. A successful trip me thinks.

Hmmm - arrived Lukla & there haven't been any flights today. Could be mayhem trying to get back to Kathmandu tomorrow. We'll see.

26th Nov

Just arrived back in to Kathmandu from Lukla (nearly didn't get out). Off for a shave, a beer and a steak. And then some more beers.