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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Excess baggage

They have stopped giving frequent flyers an extra 10kg baggage allowance. Aaaaarrrrggh!

Beat a hasty retreat and repacked. Went back and weighed in 36 with a different stewardess without her mentioning a thing.

Looked rather strange going through security wearing 3 pairs of trousers, 2 pairs of insoles and 3 wicky tops under my shirt. Nearly passed out.

Managed to convince the staff that the reason I had 72 muesli bars in my laptop case is that I get hungry really quickly.

Carry on bag weighs about 18kg. Doing my best to look nonchalant. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop


Free drinks on the train when in 1st class is all very well. Unfortunately not the smoothest of journeys so I managed to spill mine on my lap. Now looking forward to the next 19 hours smelling like a brand of well known coffee granules.

Hmmm - NICE! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Friday, 22 October 2010

It's been a while ...

Well Dear Reader, I have been inundated with a request to update the blog - so you are not the only person out there following the life and musings of Tim Mosedale / Elm Tree Lodge Guest House / Ama Dablam in a week's time / Everest Spring 2011.

So ... a very brief update. We've had a mega busy year in the B&B (only 3 nights in 27 weeks where we haven't had guests in) so it's welcome respite to be approaching the quieter time of year. Max still not sleeping and this adds to the jaded feeling that comes towards the end of the busy period. Well that's strictly not true actually - he has slept through. 3 nights since February.

Having said all that the quieter time of year for the B&B coincides with the busy busy busy lead up to my next Ama Dablam expedition. There's a lot going on this year - with some folk out there trekking in to Island Peak already, some flying next week and then the main party arriving next weekend in KTM. I've been stocking up on food and supplies to take out there (I use a mixture of Western and locally sourced food for the hill) and I've managed to get a few friends and fellow leaders to take some stuff in advance, but I'm now contemplating how to get the remaining 59Kgs of food out on a 40Kg baggage allowance.Managed 89Kgs on a 55Kg allowance a few years back so fingers crossed I'll get everything through without incurring the £27.10/Kg excess.

Best take some clothes too this year - I'll allow myself 3Kg for personal items. I forgot to take anything extra a few years ago - thinking that I had enough supplies in my kit stored at Base Camp. Unfortunately when I opened my barrels the grollies I was anticipating being there weren't, so I had 3 weeks in one pair of undies. Washed them a few times and went commando round Base Camp but even so.

Been clearing out the loft and it's amazing what you find up there. I'd quite forgotten where I'd put all the old useless fleeces and knackered waterproofs I'd accumulated over the years. But the great news is that I have found the 7 pieces of wood with nails hammered in them that I knew I may need some day. Just not quite sure what to do with them - so I guess I;ll keep hold of them for the time being.

Been running quite a bit and had some really great days out - most notably The Fairfield Horseshoe, Grizedale Pike Horseshoe and various other outings up and over Walla / Bleaberry / Blencathra. It's all good training for next year's trip to Everest.

Talking of which we have just booked flights today for The Big E - exciting times.

Hoping to be able to update with news when we are trekking in and again as soon as we leave Base Camp to come home. Watch this space.