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Monday, 28 June 2010

Helping someone to get out of the V Diff rut

Nearly overslept having been up most of the night with Max. Sprinted through breakfast prep and got everything sorted in time. Tidied rooms whilst breakfast was on and then met my client for climbing.

He'd e mailed saying that he wanted to get out of the rut of always doing V Diffs. So we had a quick chat and he seemed totally up for an adventure. So...

Started with Troutdale Pinnacle a magnificent 7 pitch route graded Severe. We were back down at the bottom by 11.45 which is pretty impressive really. He was so obviously a very competent second and comfortably followed every pitch without hesitation.

Down to Shepherd's cafe for lunch and then headed up Little Chamonix - a great 3 pitch V Diff which, whilst is still arguably in the V Diff rut, is just such a great route that it's difficult to walk past it without doing it if there isn't a queue.

Over to Ardus - another cracking good route. 3 contrasting pitches at Hard Severe. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Next we cranked it up a tad and did CDM - a very short but reasonably sustained VS. And then we were on Fisher's Folly - a fantastic 2 pitch VS which we just finished as the rain came in. All in all a great day and hopefully a suitably inspiring experience.

Now I just have to empty the dishwasher, process an internet booking for the B&B, arrange an instructor for the weekend when the B&B clients are up for a bit of climbing, catch up with the family, lay the tables, maybe get in a bit of en suite cleaning action, update the website ......

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