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Sunday, 11 January 2015

360° interactive panorama from the summit of Island Peak

Here it is ... the latest of my interactive 360° panoramas. This is from the summit of Island Peak.

Taken by me ... using a tripod and panoramic head from Bushman Panoramic... and stitched by Thomas Worbs of Mountainpanoramas


  1. Tim great 360 pic of Island Peak, we summited with you on 11April 2005 and got you into shape for cracking the more difficult task of Everest. We still have great memories and are indeed meeting on 11th April this year to celebrate the trip and share a few beers and some old stories. Thanks for the pic and of course the fantastic leadership of our expedition. Kevin Robinson

  2. Hi Kevin,

    Just back off holiday and got your message - apologies for late reply. Glad that you have fond memories of the trip and in actual fact this was the first time that I summited IP since I was there with you guys. I was recalling the expedition as I was trekking there and have some great memories myself.

    Have a great reunion and hopefully, all being well, I'll have some even better footage when I get back in May.

    Cheers - Tim

  3. Wow fabulous panorama! I climbed Imja Tse in 2010. Such an epic mountain, it was my first 6000er. This really took me back there, without the fog of altitude!