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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Injections and oxygen (some rest day)

Well we are in the midst of a thoroughly good rest session. We've been practicing injections today just in case we have an issue on summit day and need to start administering some high altitude drugs. Also chatted through the drugs that we will be carrying on summit day as well as discussing our plans and contingencies for getting from Camp 3 to The South Col and The South Col to the summit and back.

This afternoon we then had a look at the masks and oxygen system so that everyone in the team is now thoroughly coherent with everything that we may / will encounter between now and the top.

We're having another rest day tomorrow when we'll be having a gentle jaunt to Pumori Base Camp (or C1) for a leg stretch and hopefully views across to The South and North Col.

We've been having a bit of snow here and there but this morning awoke to the best views yet - crystal clear blue skies and an awesome mountain vista.

We're sharing our Base Camp and mess tent with Kenton Cool (and his friend Seb Rougegre - Seb's first time on the hill) who has very kindly been sharing plenty of info with us - particularly with regards to summit day - which has been extremely useful for the team to be able to visualise what is coming up sometime in the next few weeks.

Hopefully we'll be able to drop another update before we head for C2 on Tuesday.

Until then ...


  1. Hi there - well done so far - the Bloggs are great reading and photos spectacular.
    I am most impressed with the organisation in such a relatively small team.

    Take care

    David Briggs ( friend of Chris Cookson's parents)

  2. Just caught up on all your blog Tim, great reading. I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to all the team, but I wish you all the luck in the world.
    Best wishes, Becky xx