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Saturday, 14 May 2011


(By Abi at base camp)

Well, there have been ups and downs (quite literally) over the last few days with Tim's team on the mountain. The team ascended to camp 2 in excellent time and then rested for the following day.....building up the strength for the Lhotste Face and ascent to camp 3 the next day. So, next day was a pre-dawn Alpine start from camp 2 to avoid the searing midday heat and energy sapping effect of the sun while exposed on the Lhotse Face ascending to camp 3. The whole team reached the camp in good order, but understandably exhausted from the effort involved. Rest and rehydration was the order of the day, while weather forecasting information reaching base camp was indicating that wind speeds higher up the mountain appeared to be looking unfavorable for the following few days. Stay put or descend? That was the question........

After much deliberation, the decision to descend to camp 2 next morning was taken. To stay poised on the mountain, but rest at a more tolerable altitude until a window of opportunity arises. The team have had an excellent night sleep and awake with the hope that today's forecasting might indicate an easing of conditions sometime soon. Apart from some minor aches and pains from the efforts of ascending/descending Lhotse Face, everyone is in good health and clearly in the mood for a serious summit bid. We're all watching and waiting.........


  1. Hi Tim, Its Jem here. Sounds like you are getting to the sharp end now, just to let you and Giles know we are thinking of you. I am watching "britain's got talent" with the boys under sufference so whatever privations and exhaustion you are suffering remember it could be worse!! Hope weather sorts itself for you, Take care and stay strong, Jem

  2. Hi. Pete (Giles's friend) here. Been thinking of you all at Camp 2, below the south face. Trying to imagine what it must be like to be there - emerging from the tent and looking up the Lhotse face to the south col. The yellow band, the Geneva spur, Nuptse behind you - so many famous places, so many evocative names. Hope you've all been able to sleep well there and get a decent rest.
    The forecast is looking quite good (based on websites I've looked at back in the UK) with clear conditions for a few days and the wind decreasing (at least until Weds) so maybe you'll go for it. Take very great care and good luck to you all. Pete