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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

2 weeks 2 days 2 go

Time is ticking and things are getting slightly bonkers now. Taking oodles of bookings at the B&B as people are sorting their breaks and holidays.

Trying to sort as much of the last minute stuff for the expedition before it all becomes last minute stuff. Various items ordered and are in the post, freight is on the way, Bahrain Airport (we transit on the way to KTM) still open, hotel booked in KTM, accommodation booked in The Khumbu, teeth just been checked and our member of staff arrives Friday to run the show whilst I'm away.

Another booking for Ama Dablam and various other enquiries coming in for that expedition. Glad to see that I'm still top of Google for Ama (although it would be great to be above Wikipedia as well) and highly placed for the B&B. No doubt that will change somewhat whilst I'm away but that's the least of my worries!

Off to talk to a class tomorrow about Everest for their big write. Last time I was there I mentioned that we had a guy along who we all called Gandalf (on account of his big beard). When the kids were picked up one of them told his mum 'We had a talk from a man who went to the top of Everest and there was a wizard.'
'No, Johnny, I think you mean there was a blizzard.'
'No mum, it was a wizard.'
'Actually, Johnny, the word will have been "Blizzard."'
'Don't be so rude and stop shouting please and listen to your mum when she's trying to tell you that the word you mean is blizzard.'

Anyway you can see where a conversation like that is going and little boy ended up in floods of tears and refused to back down whereas Mum knew best and kept correcting him. It all became so distraught that the next morning she went in to ask the teacher what on earth had been going on. 'Ahhh, well Johnny, I'm really sorry for shouting at you last night but I just hadn't understood that there was a guy who looked like a wizard on Everest.'

I wonder what I could sneak in tomorrow to cause more mayhem?.?.?

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