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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Reciprocal links and refunds

I need your advice. Do you think that my B&B website (or the climbing and expedition website come to think of it) will be enhanced by having a link exchange with:

DESCRIPTION: NationwidePools - offers metal, resin coated or resin injected above ground pools.

I'm just so touched that they have taken the care to contact me, personally, and I would hate to feel that I am missing out on something here.

Incidentally I've also had some bad news by e mail today. My Abbey National, HBOS and Paypal accounts have all had irregular activity on them and have been suspended - until I click on the link to reactivate them which I'll do in a couple of minutes.

But the good news is that I am due a VAT rebate AND have been overcharged by HMRC and am due a tax refund. Unbelievably I am also the sole descendant of Mustafa Mbooto in S. Africa and he has left his entire legacy of US$97,000,691 to me which is brilliant. I am, however, a bit concerned that this may affect my tax refund so I may decline to get in touch.

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