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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Ama Dablam is GO!

Well what I thought was going to be a relatively quiet day yesterday turned out to be another busy one.

As ever I'd been up in the night with Max and then Ali was up for 6 to leave for work at 06.30 taking the Maxster with her.

Our guests Susan and Kevin very kindly agreed to have an early breakfast at 8 so that I could drop Grace off at school for 08.45. Got back to the B&B to clear the tables, strip some rooms and make a few beds. The guests departed with a promise to come back again and then I managed to get a couple of rooms turned around and hoovered throughout.

Meanwhile the e mails and calls were coming in ... 3 Ama Dablam bookings along with 2 rock climbing bookings. So that's now 8 on the Ama Dablam permit and 5 doing Island Peak beforehand. Processed all their deposits and sent confirmations and receipts. 2 of the Ama Dablam guys (Andy and Jon) then sorted their flights and insurance pronto and e mailed me the relevant details - which is very efficient of them. Hopefully this is the summit shot that they will see in November (that's Everest on the left):

Then ... received 3 bookings and a further 5 enquiries for the B&B. Managed to squeeze in a haircut, a quick coffee and a look at the paper and then back to unload the dishwasher, set the tables and leg it off to school to collect Grace. Went home via the play area, which not surprisingly was full again as it has been a glorious day. Had a great hour there and then went out for an hour and half run along the Lake, up and over Lower Falcon and Walla and back to the Guest House.

Grabbed a shower and then tagged Ali so that she could go out up and over Latrigg. Bathed both kids, read to Max, read to Grace, grabbed some tea, answered some more e mails, had a chat with a guy coming on the Everest expedition next year, updated the website, watched Mark Dolan visiting some pretty strange looking folk who are addicted to plastic surgery on telly and then bo bos. Needless to say I was then up in the night giving Max his usual cuddle to get him back over.

This morning - just taken 2 bookings in the B&B for New Year! Now that is forward thinking.

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