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Friday, 30 April 2010

Onwards and upwards

Bit of a busy week really with one thing and another. The B&B bookings have been coming in and we have a reasonably healthy diary for the forthcoming few months. Still have a few gaps to fill but it's nice to know that a) people are finding us b) they like the look of the website and c) that they decide to make a reservation. Some regulars (as we'd hope) but lots of new visitors as well.

Just said goodbye to Brian and Jen who have stayed with us before and we are now full for the bank holiday weekend.

Managed to fit a couple of runs in this week - visiting High Seat and Bleaberry Fell on Tuesday, which I hadn't been to before, so that was cool. Still not quite sure when I'll be ready for the Bob Graham Round - it's all very well going out for a few hours here and there but it's building up the longevity and stamina that will need some attention.

Off out with my brother in law on Sunday for a 4 to 5 hour slog so that should be a good indicator. In fact it was he who sort of got me in to this BGR in the first place. We went for a pootle over Melbreak last year and I asked him how the pace compared with the BGR (he'd just completed it) and unfortunately he said that we were doing round about the pace you'd hope for - which meant that it was within reach. I was rather hoping that he was going to say that we'd need to be going thrice as fast in which case I'd not be where I am now. I was also then suitably inspired by "Feet in The Clouds" which is a fab book all about the BGR and fell running. A real eye opener to some of the very talented and phenominally strong mountain athletes that there are out there.

As ever the play area has been in need of my attention. It is an absolutely fantastic project, and I'm delighted with the result (as are most parents and families), but it does take up a lot of my time. If it's not the website that needs tweeking it's an e mail that needs answering. If it's not a meeting to go to it's chasing the suppliers about a snagging problem that we have discovered. Had 2 meetings this week and a whole raft of e mails. Note to self - don't write to the local paper and therefore volunteer yourself by default for any other community projects! Having said that, something needed to be done and I'm glad that I got involved - but in the great scheme of things you don't get much help from Jo Public (although some people were very kindly suggesting that I take on another project last week - me thinks not. It was a great idea - but it's their turn).

Anyway - another 2 bookings for Ama Dablam (so that is now 10 on the permit) and a variety of rock climbing and scrambling enquiries. Also some great news for the Everest trip next year - the charity that I approached and pitched to in London have agreed in theory that they would like me to organise and run their Everest Base Camp Charity Trek. Can't say who it is just yet as we need to dot some i's and cross some t's but it's going to be an exciting challenge to work with them. More later ...

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