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Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Bob Graham Round - Leg 1

Brekkers for the guests and managed to get their rooms serviced whilst they were still in the dining room. Cleared tables pronto and then off down to get some final bits and bobs before trying leg one of The Bob Graham Round (it's a 24 hour mountain marathon involving 42 peaks and 74 miles).

Met in Costas! Needed a large Mocha to get me going. Mooched over to the Moot Hall (the start and finish of the BGR) and off we went. We'd only been going 5 minutes when we had to turn around and go to the shops for some nibbles to keep us going. Not a great start.

So tabbed it out towards Latrigg and then walked at a hoof of a pace up to Skiddaw summit. We arrived in the biting wind 8 minutes ahead of schedule. This is good news me thinks. Down and off to Great Calva. Managed to eat away another 5 minutes or so. COME ON! Down to the stream crossing and then purgatorial terrain all the way to the top of Blencathra. By the time we got to the summit we were back on schedule so had lost all the time we'd gained. And then we had to drop all the way down to Threlkeld which is a heck of a long way. Arrived 4 minutes behind schedule.

Walked and ran back to Keswick having completed our first recce of any part of the route thinking a couple of things a) have we bitten off more than we can chew and b) on the day we'd have another 20 hours to go. OMG.

Back home. Emptied the dishwashers, laid the tables, read to Max, updated the Blog and now off to read to Grace. Looking forward to dinner and a bottle of wine with Ali.

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