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Monday, 12 April 2010

A pretty average day today!

Up in the night with Max (we've tried the controlled crying (and it worked - for a while) but when we have guests it's a bit unfair on them to let him holler - so I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I'll be in with him for a few minutes almost every night this year).

Anyway Ali up at 6 for her early shift. I was then in with Max again from about 20 past to stop him waking Grace - alas too late but she settled for a while in our bed. Got Max ready for him to go to Little Monkeys Day Nursery and Ali dropped him off on the way to work. In bed for a while with Grace reading stories until 7.20 and then up to prepare breakfast for the guests.

Grace pretty good now at getting herself ready and then she did a bit of homework and had breakfast whilst I got everything ready for the guests. They were down for 8 and then I was out of the door by half past to take Grace to school. Back by 9 to clear the tables, load the dishwashers, tidy everything away and get the laundry ready for collection ( we used to do our owner laundry but eventually realised that never mind the modest expense it just made our quality of life so much better - more about this another day).

The guests settled up and departed and then I stripped their rooms and managed to pop out for a coffee and a read of the paper.

Back late morning to receive a 5 night booking which I processed and confirmed by e mail and FANTASTIC NEWS - I also received confirmation from 2 chaps that they are both able to join the next expedition to Ama Dablam. E mailed the paperwork to them and updated my websites.

Cleaned and made Room 3 (double en suite) for the guests arriving today. Tidied all the tea trays, hoovered throughout, a wash on and started on the mountain of ironing. Answered various calls and enquiries (including a potential rock climbing session this week which will be great cos the weather is scorchio).

Ali got back and dropped off Max, collected Grace, the guests arrived and then we packed off to the brand new play area in Keswick (a project headed up by yours truly). The kids had a great time there and now I'm just filling in before taking them up for a bath.

After that Ali and I will catch up with each other, have some nosh and maybe a programme on the box. But I still have to unload the dishwashers, lay the tables and get everything ready for breakfast tomorrow.

Busy busy ...

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